BDPA Foundation

Monday, April 1, 1996

Communique, 4/1/1996 (Tony Adams, Diane Davis, Millicent Fuller, Michael McCrimmon, Kathy Procope, Paul Seabrook, George Williams, Vivian Wilson)

Communique, A BDPA Executive Committee Newsletter. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your National President. I look forward to meeting each BDPA member on line and at our National Conference in Atlanta! I will certainly be there. Will you? Last February, the first quarter Board of Directors Meeting was held in "Silicon Valley", California. Appropriately named, it is a unique valley of amazing people, buildings and technology. Some amazing BDPA members played host for the meeting. I thank everyone in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area chapters for their efforts that made the Board meeting a memorable occasion. My gratitude to everyone that contributed to a successful meeting. As we start our 21st year, I sense that a fresh spirit has blown into BDPA.

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Friday, March 15, 1996

Black Enterprise, 3/15/1996 (Ollie Morgan)

Riding the Information Superhighway: the Internet is Great for Retrieving Information, But Can It Help Businesses Drum Up Clients and Boost Sales? Stephen Jackson's first encounter with theinformation superhighway is typical of most entrepreneurs'. It was five years ago, when he started Jackson & Jackson Management Plus Inc., a company that leased full-time employees to technical and professional firms (i.e., doctors, lawyers and accountants). Initially, Jackson and his staff used online services to send e-mail messages to each other.

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