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Monday, October 13, 1997

Network World, 10/13/1997 (Willie Fields, Sheila McCaskill, Yvonne Sharpe, George Williams)

Diversity Disconnect, Part 2. Second in a two-part series on diversity in network IS. Part 1, which ran last week, examined the factors that caused the diversity problem. This installment focuses on how to remedy the situation...

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Monday, October 6, 1997

Network World, 10/6/1997 (Curvie Burton, Rudy Duke, Earl Pace, Jesse Rodgers, Yvonne Sharpe, George Williams, Anne York)

Diversity Disconnect, Part 1. Jesse Rodgers had been standing watch over LANs at paper products magnate James River Corp. for more than 11 years, so he knew his network skills were sharp. He was confident senior IT management would promote him from net supervisor to network manager, even considered it a formality. After all, he already was responsible for key e-mail, Internet connectivity, server administration and other network services. His only competition was a project manager who, although he had a year or two of seniority, lacked comparable network skills...

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