Sunday, January 31, 2010

Foundation for Successful Solutions, 1/31/2010 (BDPA Los Angeles)

BDPA-LA High School Computer Competition. Every year for the past twenty years, BDPA-LA sends its five top students to represent the LA chapter at BDPA National Technology Conventions across the nation.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

YouTube, 1/23/2010 (Yvette Graham, Gibran McDuffie, Ricky Penick)

2010 BDPA Chicago Awards Banquet. This is a highlight and interview reel of Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) annual awards banquet.

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IMEC Inc., 1/23/2010 (Tychaun Jones)

Tychaun Jones - Parliamentarian. In 1992, he attended Brooklyn Technical High School where he majored in Computer Science and worked part time with Davidge Data Systems (DDS). By 1995, he was a member of the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) high school competition team and later went on to college at the University of Michigan.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Flip Board, 1/22/2010 (Paul Moore)

Today, Lightyear Wireless announced the promotion of Paul Moore to Regional Manager according to their marketing and compensation plan. He will now experience greater residuals and override payouts for customer acquisition. “Congratulations on Regional Manager!” said Ron Mattingly, Vice President of Sales. Paul is also a member of many professional organizations which include the BDPA, Mid-South Association of Contingency Planners and the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slideshare, 1/21/2010 (John Hoffler)

Running a Small IT Consulting Firm. BDPA Charlotte chapter hosted January 2010 program meeting on the topic, "Running a Small IT Consulting Firm". The speaker was John Hoffler. This is the .ppt presentation that Mr. Hoffler used for his presentation.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rochester Post-Bulletin, 1/15/2010 (Toni Adafin, Betty Hutchins, Vi Johnson, Julius Kwansa, Charlie Perkins, Barbara Porter, Ray Ventura)

Perkins to Lead BDPA. The Black Data Processing Associates Southern Minnesota Chapter has elected Charlie Perkins of Rochester as president. Perkins serves as unit head for media support services at Mayo Clinic. Prior to working at Mayo Clinic, he served as vice president of Harris Bank in Chicago.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cloud Computing Journal, 1/13/2010 (WellPoint)

WellPoint Receives 2010 Diversity Leader Award. WellPoint continues to be recognized among the nation's leaders in diversity and inclusion practices and has received multiple honors in recent years including recognition as a Top 50 Company for Diversity by DiversityInc; a Top Company for Executive Women by the National Association of Executive Women; a Top 50 Company for Latinas according to LATINA Style Magazine; Innovation in Multicultural Health Care Award by NCQA; a Top 50 Employer by Equal Opportunity Publications, CAREERS and disABLED Magazine; Best Company for Blacks in Technology by BDPA &; and WellPoint CEO Angela Braly was the recipient of the 2009 CEO Diversity Leadership Award.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Open Salon, 1/7/2010 (Wayne Hicks, Thaddeus Howze)

Forget about saving the Earth, we'd better save ourselves! As a technologist, I am fascinated by the effect of technology on the human species and the human condition. Recently there were three catalysts that made me think about this again. The first was receiving an email regarding electronic waste or e-waste and its dumping on the African continent as well as its illegal trade in Chinese communities. Wayne Hicks, a leading member of the BDPA posited the idea that something should be done about the dumping of toxic e-waste on the shores of Africa and he asked the question: Does BDPA need to take a public stand on the issue of e-waste? After some research, I applauded Wayne Hicks interest in this controversial issue and agreed with his question. A more definitive stand is required.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daily-Stimulus, 1/6/2010 (Michael Holman Sr.)

The Dawning of the Information Age. Just this week I had to do a paper for a Pace University class I'm taking on one of the historical events that really had an impact on history. The paper had to be somewhat extensive and I thought "Woe Is Me!". Low and behold after conducting a search, I found a website the zeroed in on the Top Ten Historical Events at

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

But You're a Girl, 1/5/2010

You Are Toxic: IT Consultant from Hell. I am sharing the following email correspondence to illustrate how some people have no clue that their energy is so negative that even I don’t want to associate with them. No longer willing to spend time with emotional vampires and people who play mind games, I’ve tried, for several years now, to tell “Chuck T” (name changed for privacy), that I simply do not and will not interact with him.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

National BDPA, 1/4/2010 (Yvette Graham)

President Yvette Graham Takes Office. Premier Organization for African Americans in IT, The National Black Data Processing Associates (NBDPA) is pleased to announce the incoming administration led by President Yvette Graham of Chicago IL. With a new dawn brings a new vision. The BDPA Chapters can soon anticipate an internal targeted message campaign as well as learning of Yvette Graham’s strategic development plan which entails 3 key areas of internal focus: Operation Cleanup, Organization Transformation and Value Proposition. Externally, BDPA will seek out new partners and better engage existing partners and stakeholders to mutually realize the holistic BDPA value proposition.

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Friday, January 1, 2010, 1/1/2010 (Ramala Andemariam, Janice Lee)

BDPA Cincinnati. "Advancing careers from the classroom to the boardroom" is the main focus of BDPA Cincinnati. One of over 50 national BDPA chapters in the United States, BDPA Cincinnati is a volunteer organization that offers adult professional development and student programs focused on information technology. Per the BDPA Cincinnati chapter's website, its goals are to "help strengthen the expertise of minority members in the information technology community, offer this expertise to those minorities evaluating information technology for career or business potential, and broaden the information technology knowledge of the Greater Cincinnati community as a whole."

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