Sunday, January 30, 2000

ComputerWorld, 1/30/2000 (Curvie Burton, Yvonne Sharpe, Joe Thompson, George Williams)

Beyond the Racial Ravine. How can the information technology profession close the gap between affluent people and impoverished members of minority groups with little exposure to technology or opportunity to move into the field? One organization working toward that goal is Black Data Processing Associates ( in Largo, Md., a leading organization of African-American IT professionals. We invited four top BDPA officials to discuss their work with Allan E. Alter and Martine Severin...

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Thursday, January 27, 2000

ComputerWorld, 1/27/2000 (Clifford Clarke, Steve Edmonson, Les Pearson, George Williams)

Workplace Diversity. The numbers don't lie -the percentage of African Americans in senior management positions doesn't come close to reflecting their representation in American society. Here's why...

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