Monday, March 17, 2014

Creating IT Futures Blog, 3/17/2014 (Dr. Craig Brown)

Early Guidance Positioned Craig Brown for Success. For the most part, the person in charge of Craig Brown’s daily life in high school was his mother. It was Mom who determined what young Craig ate and his curfew time on weekend nights. It was Mom who decided whether he’d done his chores and deserved an allowance for the week.

But Brown’s class schedule — that was Dad’s turf.

Brown leaned toward the humanities and signed up for as many music and art classes as he could.

That’s when Dad got out the red pen.
Whenever I submitted my class schedule, my dad always changed it. He left one (humanities class) and took out the extras.” Study halls were also in the center of Dad’s chopping block. In their place, the senior Brown penciled in extra math and science courses.
I always had two math classes and a science, or two sciences and a math,” recalls Brown, 45, who is now the senior partner of a successful IT consultancy business and the newest national president of BDPA.

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