Monday, November 1, 1999

Microsoft Press Room, 11/1/1999 (Kristi Torgrimson, Ian Heisser, George Williams, Santiago Rodriguez, Pat Coleman, Chester Grice)

Microsoft, BDPA Reach Out to Minority Communities. When Kristi Torgrimson started participating in a computer training camp at Microsoft in preparation for a national high-school computer competition sponsored by Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), she was a pretty quiet kid. But it wasn't long before her instructors began to see changes in Kristi. Over the course of two summer sessions, she became more outgoing, more confident, and she even obtained a high-school internship at Microsoft. Kristi has twice been selected to be one of four students on the team representing the Seattle BDPA Chapter at the national competition. She still keeps in touch with one of her Microsoft instructors -- by e-mail, of course.

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