Wednesday, August 2, 2006

VisionIT Media Room, 8/2/2006 (David Segura)

Detroit-based VisionIT CEO Shares Panel with Nation’s Top IT Executives. On Friday, August 4th in Los Angeles, CA, the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) will host its annual luncheon as a part of its 2006 National Technology Conference, which features a panel discussion with some of the nation’s top senior-level information technology executives, including VisionIT president/CEO David H. Segura.
“I am absolutely honored that the BDPA would ask me to engage in such an important discussion along with its members and such an influential group of executives,” said David Segura. “As a U.S.-based supplier with 10 years of IT staffing, outsourcing and vendor management experience, VisionIT brings a unique perspective to this discussion. We have experienced tremendous growth all the while positioning ourselves to become more competitive in the global marketplace.”
Read the full media release here.

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