Friday, August 21, 2009

Maddux Press, 8/21/2009 (Frank Shines, Manish Kharod, Paddy O'Brien, Tony McClay)

The Mentor Report – Computer Mentors August Newsletter. Last we I was able to travel to Raleigh NC for the National BDPA Conference. I went as part of a marketing campaign to promote our Tech Teen curriculum (“Smart Charlie”). I’ll have to admit that “Charlie” didn’t do that well, but I also was able to be there to support the team of youth that represented the BDPA Greater Tampa Bay chapter in the High School Computer Competition. I want to thank Frank Shines, BDPA chapter president, Manish Kharod and Patrick “Paddy” O’Brien, trainers, and especially Antony “Tony” McClay, trainer and chaperone for the trip to Raleigh. But the biggest congratulations have to go to the students for the way that they proudly and represented the Tampa Bay area. We were represented by our team leader Rhys Campbell (Junior – Home School and Tampa Bay Technology High School), Daniel Grant (CMG student and Sophomore at Steinbrenner High School), and Ayele Gibson (CMG student and Freshman at Middleton High School). They really represented themselves, BDPA Tampa, Computer Mentors, and all of you who helped support the trip with your time and contributions...

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