Friday, February 26, 2010

National News, 2/26/2010 (Brenda Hogan)

Overcoming the Odds. The Cincinnati Campus Career Center sponsored the first of a bi-monthly seminar called “Just Like Me”. The seminar brings in speakers from all the fields of study at National College and allows them to speak of their diverse backgrounds, struggles, and victories that have made them successful ... Brenda Hogan, an information technology project manager at Duke Energy & past president of the Black Data Processing Associates, was the first speaker on January 22. Mrs. Hogan spoke to the students about the struggles of being a single mother and pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as being an African-American woman in corporate America. Mrs. Hogan told the students of how it took eight years to complete her bachelor’s degree and having to sometimes carry her child to the computer lab just to get work done.

Read the full Spotlight on Success article here.

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