Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diversity/Careers Magazine, 3/1/2011 (Renetta English)

Renetta English is This Year's BDPA New York Chapter Prez. Members of the BDPA New York chapter have elected Renetta English to serve as 2011-2012 chapter president. English has been a member of BDPA since 2004 and served in several leadership roles. In 2008 she was the New York chapter's HR director. Last year she was the chapter's VP of membership management; chapter membership grew by thirty percent during her tenure.

English clearly believes that BDPA is a premier organization for IT pros. "We must all work together to participate in and promote the goals and mission of BDPA," she notes.

She has strong ideas about the future direction of BDPA New York in areas like membership, youth programs, finances, corporate sponsorships, political relationships, small business ownership, strategic partnerships and community.

Read the Diversity/Careers article here.

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