Thursday, February 2, 2012

NIU Today, 2/2/2012 (Wheeler Coleman)

Wheeler Coleman Sworn In as NIU Trustee. Thirty-four years removed from his arrival on the campus of Northern Illinois University as a freshman, Wheeler Coleman was sworn in as the university’s newest trustee.
"Less than 34 years ago I was admitted to NIU and I came through these doors wide eyed, naïve and ill-prepared for the academic and social challenges I was about to face," said Trustee Coleman, who grew up on the West Side of Chicago.

"However, with the help of great people – from the faculty, my fellow students and from the administration – I was able to get through this university with a degree in computer science in 1983."
Immediately after graduation, Coleman took a position as a programmer at what was then a small, nearly bankrupt company: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.He moved into management four years later and was part of the team that built the company into what is now the largest, non-investor owned insurance company in the nation.  He currently holds the position of vice president and chief technology officer at what is now known as Health Care Service Corporation.

NOTE: Wheeler Coleman is a member of our BDPA Chicago chapter and a past winner of BDPA's Career Achievement Epsilon Award.

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