Friday, May 17, 2013

SBWire, 5/17/2013 (Wayne Hicks, Ted Jordan)

Ted Jordan
BDPA Success Stories Enjoyed on iRadio Show. Ted Jordan is the visionary behind Funutation Tekademy. Funutation stands for fun and education! The company runs kids' camps, called Tek Labs, during the summer teaching kids to make computer games, build web sites, and program battle robots. Funutation commits to providing children the finest experience in technology skills education. As a result, computer programming and teamwork are integral parts of the Funutation Tek Lab experience.
"We didn't think it would turn out to be this good", commented Wayne Hicks, executive director of the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation. "BDPA Cleveland Chapter loaned a few laptops to Funutation to help them run tech camp pilots thinking this would grow to be a great program for kids in Cleveland. Ted has taken this to the next level."
Read the full Funutation Tekademy article.

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