Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Room, 8/29/2010 (Thaddeus Howze)

Where is BDPA When It Comes to Innovation? Where is BDPA in relationship to small business innovation and research? Nowhere, as far as I can tell. Despite its bold talk of bringing technologists from the classroom to the boardroom, BDPA has done very little publically to promote technological innovation amongst its members, and for the most part appears to be behind the curve of technology, let alone, innovation, not at the front of it. This is a broad generalization but having worked with BDPA in my area for a dozen years, and from watching other chapters at work, both locally and in the Internet realm, I feel I can say these things confidently.

Read the rest of the Red Room article here. The original comments by Thaddeus Howze were voiced on the BDPA Groupsite.

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