Monday, August 2, 2010

Rochester Metro News, 8/2/2010 (Zack Garbow)

Local Students Win National Award. Five Rochester high school students just won first place at a national computer competition. The students are part of a national organization called Black Data Processing Associates, or BDPA.

There are about 60 students from southeast Minnesota who meet every Saturday for eight months of the year. At the end of the eight months, they select five of the top students to go to the national competition.
The BDPA helps minorities succeed in technology careers.

"In the school system today, there isn't enough computer science particularly to really prepare the workforce for what's needed," says Zack Garbow, an instructor for BDPA.
The Rochester team competed against 23 other teams across the country. Each of the students won a $2500 college scholarship, as well as a laptop from Hewlett Packard for coming in First Place.

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